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    Who we are 

    Daniel AUDEON: Database content developer, Nantes' Planetarium (France), IPS Fellow 2018

    Lionel RUIZ: IT Developer, Director of Marseille's Planetarium (France)

    WPD means: Worldwide Planetariums Database.

    This database represents approximately 30,000 hours of work since 2002 and constantly updating by Daniel AUDEON.

    For this work, Daniel AUDEON received an IPS Fellow Award in 2018.

    This database is hosted on the APLF website (French planetarium association).
    APLF is affiliate to the IPS (International Planetarium Society).

    Do not hesitate to send us your suggestions or updates (it's free).

    This database is protected by European Directive 96/9/CE and Council of 11th march 1996. As the holder of the copyright to its database, WPD has exclusive ownership rights to this database. The copy of a substantial part of the Site supposes agreement by the Producer of the database.

    Contact: Daniel AUDEON